Where in the World? #32

Where in the World do you find this?

Where in the World do you find this?

Take a guess and post it here, or over on our Facebook or Twitter page, and check back later for the full photo answer.


Good job Amy! She guessed today’s photo over on our Facebook page and she knew what she was talking about!

Harambe Advertisements

Today’s Where in the World is found on the Tamu Tamu Refreshments building in the Animal Kingdom’s Africa,  alongside other signs advertising events around Harambe

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  • Jealously doesn’t even begin to cover my emotion about those that were able to experience the newest tour in the Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Wild Africa Trek. Tag along with The Disney Blog for a review of the experience.
  • The Disney Food Blog has the pleasure of going on the Disney Dream this week! Stay tuned to their site for updates, photos, and reviews of the dining on board the newest Disney Cruise Line ship.
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