Sir Mickey’s Tells a Story (or two)

Just behind Cinderella Castle in Fantasyland you’ll find a little souvenir shop called Sir Mickey’s. The initial outside appearance of the store leads you to believe it’s centered around Mickey and the Beanstalk, but there’s more to it than that!

Sir Mickey's

Outside you find a window display made up of a brave little Donald ready to face the giant seen in the poster behind him.

Brave Donald

Beware Giant at Large

Sir Mickey's

The display is sort of a mash-up of Mickey and the Beanstalk which also starred Donald and the giant in the picture, but the giant seems to have been given a mustache similar to the one from The Brave Little Tailor. I’m still not quite sure where Donald’s nephews come into the mix…

And speaking of The Brave Little Tailor, head inside the shop and you’ll find more displays that represent this 1938 classic.

Mickey to the Rescue

I’ve tried to decide if this is Mickey from the Beanstalk, or Mickey the Tailor. I’ve decided he’s Mickey the Tailor because on the opposite side of the room is Princess Minnie, whose hand he won when he brought down the giant for the King.

Princess Minnie

Going back to Mickey and the Beanstalk, you will spot Giant from the story taking a peek inside.

Willie the Giant

I found The Brave Little Tailor on YouTube if anyone would like to take a look back at the classic clip. Mickey and the Beanstalk can also be found in multiple parts.

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  1. erin says:

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures! This is one of my favorite shops in the Magic Kingdom!

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