Camp Minnie-Mickey’s Adirondack Style

“Welcome to a kingdom of animals…real, ancient and imaged…”

Welcome to Camp Minnie-Mickey, a land where the imaged animals come to life in a summer camp setting.

A camp counselor making their way to Camp Minnie-Mickey.

As visitors to Disney’s Animal Kingdom make their way across the bridge into Camp Minnie-Mickey some may not notice the change of scenery. The bamboo trunks transition to pine as a stream trickles down over rocks into the heart of the camp. There you will find a cleverly designed water fountain in the form of a stone well.

The camp's Stone Well

The camp is set in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York and the region’s famous natural architectural style can been seen throughout the site. Everything is built using native materials, wood and stone taken from the mountains that play host to the camp. The buildings are exposed and natural; signs are hand-carved, stained and painted, advertising funnel cakes and other tasty camp treats.

Adirondack style Architecture

Throughout Camp Minnie-Mickey you will notice some very creative designs and execution of the rugged Adirondack style of building. Take for example this gazebo that looks like it has been pieced together by hand; countless peeled logs have been fitted together like a puzzle to create this beautiful sitting area.

Seated in Nature

And remember; when at camp always keep an eye out for wildlife, you never know what might show up. During our last visit to camp we were able to spot a number of Disney critters in their “natural” setting.

Chip 'n' Dale at Camp Minnie-Mickey

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