A Garden for Haiti

Haiti: Garden of Many Colors is a new addition to this year’s Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival. The area is located between the Outpost and Germany pavilion and offers a relaxing spot with an underlying social message.

Haiti: Garden of Many Colors

Since the devastating earthquake of 2010, Haiti has been struggling to rebuild their country. Part of that rebuilding process includes showcasing the talents of the Haitian people and providing an outlet for the countries’ quality exports and products. That is where Par Haiti – Pour Haiti comes in, From Haiti – For Haiti!

Par Haiti – Pour Haiti

Like you and me, Haitians want their labors to mean something. They want their livelihood to bear fruit, shaping their future in a positive way. They want to build their neighborhoods, their businesses, their cities, their schools and hospitals. In short, they want to turn Haiti into a healthy, prosperous nation. They want to show the world how they too can sustain themselves, with products of the people, by the people, for the people.

The items at Par Haiti – Pour Haiti are vibrant and colorful arts and crafts made by the people of Haiti. One such item that stuck out to us was the multicolored beaded necklaces made from recycled paper products. Not only were they very beautiful and creative but they also included a label with a photo and details on the workers that makes them.

From Haiti – For Haiti

The area set aside for Haiti: Garden of Many Colors has been put to good use; the gardens are beautiful and bright, the Haitian inspired drinks are refreshing and the products from Par Haiti – Pour Haiti are uplifting. Stop by and help rebuild a country one product at a time. To learn more about Par Haiti – Pour Haiti, visit their website at parhaitipourhaiti.com

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  1. Estelle @ THP says:

    I love how those colors pop. Gorgeous!

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