Christopher Robin’s Bedroom

The Winnie the Pooh & Friends character greeting area in Epcot’s United Kingdom Pavilion has recently been quietly remodeled into Christopher Robin’s bedroom. Guests can now step inside this literary legend and invite its details to spark their childhood imagination.

Christopher Robin’s Bedroom

The Full Bedroom

The room is located in the back of The Toy Soldier store and can be accessed during character greeting times. Inside the room there is a window seat with books and toys stored in the cubbies underneath and a large tree, bathed in an early morning glow, which can be seen out the window.

The Window Seat

The patchwork pillows sitting on the window seat are identical to the ones found on the set at Walt Disney World Animation Studios. Similarly the walls are painted the same shade of yellow and the trim and molding are the same crisp bright white. A single bed resides next to the window that again closely resembles the one found on the set.

Christopher's Bed

Toys can be found scattered throughout the bedroom, occupying every available nook and cranny. Miniature airplanes hang from the ceiling with wires while toy soldiers line shelves in a militant manner.

A desk full of toys.

The attention to detail is impressive and those that appreciate scrupulous theming will love exploring Christopher Robin’s bedroom and all of its knickknacks. For those just looking for a great backdrop for a picture with Pooh, Tigger, and Eeyore there is obviously no more appropriate setting than Christopher Robin’s bedroom in Epcot’s United Kingdom Pavilion.

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  1. melissa sue says:

    What a fabulous refurbishment! Thank you for sharing. We had our photo taken here in December, and this is a huge, huge improvement!

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