Run away and never come back! – Snow White’s Scary Adventures

Like the late great George Harrison wrote, “All things must pass.” On Thursday, May 31, 2012 Dopey waved his last wave goodbye as Snow White’s Scary Adventures closed as part of the Fantasyland Expansion.

The Snow White mural in the queue.

The mural above the ride's exit.

Snow White’s Scary Adventures was an original Magic Kingdom attraction and opened with the park on October 1, 1971. The attraction saw two incarnations while at the Magic Kingdom. The original version was said to be much scarier and did not include an appearance from the rides namesake. In 1994 the attraction was redesigned to closer resemble the Disneyland version. Snow White was added to the ride and the Dwarfs played a more prominent role in the storyline.

The magic mirror inside Snow White’s Scary Adventures.

Through all its changes, Snow White’s Scary Adventures continued to delight guests and remained a staple of Fantasyland. Like the Sword in the Stone that sits only a few yards away from the attraction, many fans thought Snow White’s Scary Adventures would never be moved. Disney however had other plans. The location will be transformed into Princess Fairytale Hall and play host to Disney royalty while guests await an audience. Essentially the attraction was closed to make way for a meet-and-greet. Either way, let’s all give Dopey one last wave and as we take a ride on Snow White’s Scary Adventures.

Say goodbye Dopey.

Snow White’s Scary Adventures – Full Ride Video


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