The Carbon Freeze Me Experience

Oh, they’ve encased him in carbonite. He should be quite well protected. If he survived the freezing process, that is.” – C-3PO

This year’s Star Wars Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios saw the debut of an exciting new experience from D-Tech. The Carbon Freeze Me Experience takes the Star Wars super-fans and immortalizes them in a piece of movie magic.

The Carbon Freeze Me Experience Figurine

First a little backstory; in The Empire Strikes Back, Darth Vader captures our heroes in Bespin’s Cloud City. Lord Vader orders the modification of a carbon freezing chamber in hopes of capturing Luke Skywalker and freezing him for transport to the Emperor. Han Solo becomes the unlucky candidate for a test of the carbon freezing process to ensure that it is safe for Luke. The result has become an iconic sequence in movie history; Han Solo, screaming with pain, imprisoned in a carbonite block.

The experience began at the ABC Sound Studio turnstiles where we checked in fifteen minutes before our reservation. We were then greeted by a Cast Member and lead inside in the theater as they explained the carbon-freezing process.

Donald frozen in Carbonite

The Sound Studio’s stage had been converted into a carbon-freezing chamber as seen on Cloud City. Complete with smoke and dramatic lighting, the scene was straight out of The Empire Strikes back and set the mood for the experience in classic Disney style.

Carbon-Freezing Chamber

While waiting to be frozen a cast member quizzed the group on our Star Wars knowledge. A few answers later we were lead onto the stage and towards one of two “freezing” chambers. Once in the seat and facing forward, the cast member then gave cues on what faces to make; normal, scared, sad, and a few other silly faces later the “freezing” process was complete.

Freezing in process.

The chamber utilizes eight digital cameras to capture your face from all angles and then combines them to create a 3D image of your expressions. With our photos complied, we were then able to review the images and choose our favorite pose; Han Solo did not have this luxury, hence the carbon drool.

Reviewing the images.

With our decision made the cast member then gave us a preview of what the image would look like in carbonite. We were able to rotate to image and view it from all angles before making the final decision.

In Carbonite

Fully satisfied with the results, we completed some shipping details and made our way to the back of the theater to check out. The Carbon Freeze Me Experience cost $99.95 (plus shipping and taxes) and the eight-inch personalized carbonite figure will be shipped and find its way home in only a handful of weeks; Boba Fett delivery not included.

The figures on display at The Carbon Freeze Me Experience

As lifelong fans of the series this was an experience that we just could not pass up. We left the theater excited and eager to see our carbonite figure realized. Until that time we will continue to be tracked by the Empire via the light-up wristband we received. You will notice that the Stormtroopers keep a close eye on those wearing them. Watch yourself!

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