Take a Wench for a Bride with the Auctioneer

Following the fierce battle between Captain Barbossa and the Spanish Fort, our ship makes its way into the town of Puerto Dorado. There we find the market and a quite unusual auction in progress where bidders can take a wench for a bride.

The Auctioneer

Armed with a cat o’ nine tails, the Auctioneer engages in banter with the on looking pirates as he auctions off a winsome wench. The pirates don’t seem too interested in the wench up for auction as they drunkenly chant for one in the wings, “We wants the redhead!” The Auctioneer’s assistant fires a warning shot to get the auction back on track.

“And now, ya bilge rats, do I hear six? Who makes it six?”
“Six it be. Six bottles of rum!”
“I’m not spongin’ for rum. It be gold I’m after!”

One of the Auctioneer’s assistants in the well-stocked market.

Pirates of the Caribbean at the Magic Kingdom is filled with many iconic scenes but the Auctioneer and his wench auction feels like the centerpiece of the attraction to me. Disney still uses that decades old, grainy film clip of a boat passing by the Auctioneer. I can vividly remember watching it as a kid and thinking “It’s a pirate’s life for me!”

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